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  MADIS Surface Variables

MADIS Surface Variables - NEPP


Code       Name                                Units      Max    Notes     Database
                                                       QC Level          FSL    AWIPS*
ELEV      elevation                            m            0             X
LAT       latitude                             deg N        0             X
LON       longitude                            deg E        0             X
PLATTYP   data platform type                   code         0    6        X
COMSTAT   commissioned status
STAQUAL   station quality indicator
T         air temperature                      K            3    4        X
PCPTOTL   total precipitation                  m            0    6,30     X
PCP5M     accumulated precip - 5m              m            1    6        X
VIBWD1    vibrating wire depth  - 1            mm           0             X
VIBWD2    vibrating wire depth  - 2            mm           0             X
VIBWD3    vibrating wire depth  - 3            mm           0             X
FF        wind speed                           m/s          3             X
DD        wind direction                       deg          3    5        X
U         u wind component                     m/s          3    5        X
V         v wind component                     m/s          3    5        X
DDGUST    wind dir at gust                     deg          1    6        X
FFGUST    wind gust                            m/s          2    6        X
SNOW6H    snow fall - 6h                       m            1             X
SNOW24H   snow fall - 24h                      m            1             X
SD24      snow depth -- 24h
SD6       snow depth -- 6h
RIVSTG    river stage                          m            0             X
RMKBM     remarks bit mask
INMAXT    inlet max temperature                K                          X
LOGBATV   data logger battery volt             volt                       X
BATVLT2   secondary battery voltage            volt         0             X
XVOLT     xmit pwr supply volt for full load   volt                       X
DOORMIN   num minutes logger door open - hr    minute                     X
HEATIND   rim heating on/off indicator         code         0    32       X
PCP24H    accumulated precip - 24h             m            1    6        X
PCPRATE   precipitation rate                   kg/(m**2)/s  1    7        X
XPWRFWD   transmitter power forward                                       X
XPWRREF   transmitter power reflected                                     X
XERRIND   transmit error indicator             code                       X


Code       Name                                Character         Notes     Database
                                               Size                      FSL    AWIPS*
STALOC    station location                     51                21       X

*The NEPP dataset is only available with the FSL database.

Last updated 15 March 2017