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  MADIS Dataset Restrictions

MADIS Dataset Restrictions

Some of the datasets are restricted. There are four distribution categories set up to handle the restrictions:

The following datasets are available without restriction: The following datasets are available with some restrictions:*

The mesonet data providers request that users not redistribute or place the data on web pages without notifying NOAA. To notify NOAA, contact the MADIS team. Redistribution of data in distribution categories other than "full distribution" is not allowed. This includes placing the data itself on public web pages. The use of graphics or derived products created from the data, however, is allowed, as long as it's not possible for an end user to automatically download those products and process them into actual data values. Web pages displaying mesonet observations should also identify the source of the data and provide a disclaimer regarding the accuracy and reliability of the mesonet observations (e.g. "NOAA and its data providers disclaim liability of any kind whatsoever, including, without limitation, liability for quality, performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose arising out of the use or inability to use the data."). Data files containing MADIS mesonet observations should continue to carry the data provider information.

Aircraft data is proprietary to the airlines providing the data. Requests for access are subject to their restrictions. In general, real-time aircraft reports are available to organizations conducting research which is likely to benefit the airlines, and to government agencies supporting forecasting operations. The TAMDAR real-time data is only available to U.S. Federal goverment agencies. Redistribution, including web displays, of real-time data is prohibited. However, the use of images in research publications is allowed and encouraged. Archived data is available without restriction.

Some of the mesonets are only available for NOAA users. Redistribution of the data is not allowed. Neither graphics products created from the data, nor the data itself, can be put on web pages accessible outside NOAA. NOAA may redistribute derivative products incorporating NOAA-only data in whole or part, without attribution, as long as such derivative products do not have sufficient information to readily retrieve the original content of the data.

* Note that in some cases private companies can get approved for access to additional mesonets or aircraft data. Click here for details.

Questions on data restrictions should be directed to the MADIS team.

Last updated 24 May 2017