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  MADIS Snow Quality Control

MADIS Snow Quality Control

This page provides a detailed description of the quality control (QC) processing and data structures for the snow dataset.

For a general overview of MADIS quality control, click here.

Automated Quality Control

Snow Quality Control Checks

  MADIS Snow Variables with QC
  Code       Name                      Max     Level | Level 1: |         Level 2:          
                                     Possible        |          |                           
                                     QC Level        | Validity |   Internal      Temporal  
                                                     |          | Consistency   Consistency 
  SD        snow depth                 2                  X            X             X
  SF6       snowfall -- last 6h        2                  X                          X
  SF24      snowfall -- last 24h       2                  X                          X
  SWED      snow water equiv - depth   2                  X            X             X
  SW6       snow water equiv - 6h      2                  X                          X
  SW24      snow water equiv - 24h     2                  X                          X

  Internal Consistency Checks

    1   snow depth vs. snow water equiv of depth

Last updated 16 March 2017